This one is for your hard to impress recipient.

Each and every item is pure gold, in more ways than one!


As with all our gift boxes, every product inclusion is created by businesses on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


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This gift box includes:


Organic Spiced Orange Preserve by Silver Tongue Foods - Maroochydore

  • Organic Spiced Orange Pickle is zesty & piquant. Warmed with cloves, cinnamon & pepper berries. Challenge your taste buds into a sweet or savoury combination.

    Perfect on platters or by pairing with ham, blue cheese or soft goats cheese.

    A wonderful condiment, used in salads or a garnish on your favourite cocktails. Don't forget to use brine as a mixer. Be adventurous!

Fleur Organic Sourdough Crackers by Silver Tongue Foods - Maroochydore

  • Delicate Fleur Sourdough crackers are lightly seasoned with local salts, garlic and finished with subtle floral notes from organic edible flowers. Delicious on their own or perfectly paired with decadent artisanal foods.

Maleny Lager by Brouhaha Brewery - Maleny

  • All 4 ingredients work in harmony together, no single ingredient outshines the others. Using traditional lagering the beer is light golden, with gentle spice from Saaz hops and sweetness from Pilsner malt. There is nowhere to hide flaws in a lager, we take no shortcuts in this lager that showcases the craft behind great beer. Not fruity. Not too hoppy. Not too dry. Not too sweet. Just a really simple, approachable lager.

Organic Mango Chutney by Harvest Breads - Maroochydore

  • A zesty mango chutney, with ginger, chilli and Indian spices to balance the tropical sweetness of the mangoes. Serve with curries and rice dishes, roasted & grilled meats, sharp cheeses, with cauliflower, chicken salads, as a sandwich spread or in dips.

    Gluten free, vegan, all natural


    Roast Salt Macadamias by Nutworks Australia - Yandina

    • These Australian Macadamia nuts are slightly roasted and then lightly salted.

      Macadamias are the quintessential Australian nut and the only native Australian bush food to enter into commercial food production. Similar to fruits, vegetables and other nuts, macadamias are a nutrition powerhouse – beneficial to health and wellbeing. Enjoying a handful of nuts (30g) regularly as part of a healthy diet may reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and can help with weight management.1–5 So get cracking and eat two serves of fruit, five serves of veggies and a handful of nuts every day. A 30g serve of macadamias is equivalent to about 15 nuts. (Source: Nuts for life)


    Japanese Lager by Heads of Noosa (4.5%) - Noosa Heads

    • Our Japanese Lager pays homage to the refined nature of the style. A proprietary blend of malts gives it a delicate appearance and flavour profile. Filtered, for a clean & crisp mouthfeel, making it exceptionally palatable and truly enjoyable. ​


    Gold Digger Honeycomb Chocolate by Kokopod - Yandina

    • Milk chocolate 38%

      Chunks of handcrafted Leatherwood honeycomb embedded in Fine European chocolate.
      Gluten Free