A few spicy and tasty treats for those who like a bit of heat. Beautifully packaged in our 100% recycled gift box.

Gluten Free.


  • Hot Peri Peri Beef Jerky by Jerky King
    • Thin cut strips of Aussie beef Marinated in our secret Herbs & Spices Hot Beef Jerky for the Chilli lover


  • Chilli Pepper Jam by Harvest Breads & Provisions

    • A roasted red pepper and chilli Jam, great for adding a kick to Asian soups, stir fry's, burgers, pizza, eggs, toast, BBQ's. The list goes on. A little goes a long way. Gluten free, vegan, all natural


  • Roast Salt Macadamias

    • Australian grown Macadamia nuts gently roasted and lightly dusted with natural rock salt.

    • pairing well with drinks on the deck, your favourite cheese board selection, or as a gourmet topping for baked and roast dishes from fish to meats to salads, even desserts.

  • Macadamia Brittle by Nutworks Australia

    • Macadamia Brittle is an addictive, sweet temptation of crunchy caramel brittle filled with loads of freshly roasted macadamias.

  • Mango Chutney by Harvest Breads and Provisions

    • A zesty mango chutney, with ginger, chilli and Indian spices to balance the tropical sweetness of the mangoes.

    • Serve with curries and rice dishes, roasted & grilled meats, sharp cheeses, with cauliflower, chicken salads, as a sandwich spread or in dips.