As with all our gift boxes, every product inclusion is created by businesses on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


This gift box includes:


Pineapple Curry Chutney by Harvest Breads & Provisions

  • A full flavoured curry chutney, made with fresh pineapples, coriander, chilli, ginger and mustard seeds. Ideal to serve alongside roast pork, ham or duck sausages, or toss through a fresh Thai salad made with finely shredded red cabbage, capsicum, coriander, snow peas, bean shoots and cucumber. Gluten free, vegan, all natural


Celery Salt Sourdough Crackers by Silver Tongue Foods - Maroochydore

  • Crispy Celery Salt Sourdough crackers are lightly seasoned with a hint of local salts and celery seeds for a refreshing taste. Delicious on their own or perfectly paired with decadent artisanal foods. Baked on the Sunshine Coast with love. 125g Box 


Organic Raspberry Jalapeno Jam by Silver Tongue Foods

  • Sweet meets spicy. The jalapeno flavour is mild and amplifies that flavour of the raspberry.
    Serving suggestions: Spread on crackers or pair with a soft cheese for a savoury treat. Also delicious as a glaze for pork or chicken. Be adventurous! Preserved on the Sunshine Coast. 280g


Organic Spiced Orange Preserve by Silver Tongue Foods - Maroochydore

  • Organic Spiced Orange Pickle is zesty & piquant. Warmed with cloves, cinnamon & pepper berries. Challenge your taste buds into a sweet or savoury combination.

    Perfect on platters or by pairing with ham, blue cheese or soft goats cheese.

    A wonderful condiment, used in salads or a garnish on your favourite cocktails. Don't forget to use brine as a mixer. Be adventurous


Beef Jerky Original BBQ by Jerky King

  • Thin cut strips of Aussie beef Marinated in our secret Herbs & Spices for anyone who doesn’t like Chilli


Roast Salt Macadamias by Nutworks Australia - Yandina

  • These Australian Macadamia nuts are slightly roasted and then lightly salted.

    Macadamias are the quintessential Australian nut and the only native Australian bush food to enter into commercial food production. Similar to fruits, vegetables and other nuts, macadamias are a nutrition powerhouse – beneficial to health and wellbeing. Enjoying a handful of nuts (30g) regularly as part of a healthy diet may reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and can help with weight management.1–5 So get cracking and eat two serves of fruit, five serves of veggies and a handful of nuts every day. A 30g serve of macadamias is equivalent to about 15 nuts. (Source: Nuts for life)


Hinterland Pale Ale by Brouhaha

  • Our HPA is crisp and juicy, with slightly more malt profile than most pale ales. The aroma leaps from the glass from the allnew NZ hop profile of Hort 4337 & Motueka, providing a juicy mouthfeel and a firm, crisp finish with a touch of resin. A perfect Pale Ale for a cold night in the hills or a warm day on the beach.


Pipeline Pale Ale by 10 Toes Brewery

  • Tropical session ale, bestpale ale in existence, asjudged by some dudes kickin’ back over a few frothies.


All boxes are beautifully packaged in our fully recycled gift boxes with biodegradable inner padding. Shipped in recyclable custom outer cartons secured with biodegradable packing tape.