The first of  many, in the new masculine gift box range. This new range is perfect for Father's Day giving, but will also be available long term as an alternative to the usual feminine gifts available in gift boxes and baskets. Watch this space.


This gift box Includes:

Multi ​award winning Summer Dusk Lager from Heads of Noosa

  • The Summer Dusk is an Amber Lager inspired by beautiful summer evenings in our backyard of Noosa, where the sky explodes with colour. This Lager is refreshing and full-flavoured, boasting a fine amount of specialty dark malts balanced by tropical fruit hop flavours and aromas.


​Multi ​award winning Japanese Lager from Heads of Noosa

  • Our Japanese Lager pays homage to the refined nature of the style. A proprietary blend of malts gives it a delicate appearance and flavour profile. Filtered, for a clean & crisp mouthfeel, making it exceptionally palatable and truly enjoyable ​


​Salted Caramel Chocolate Macadamias from Nutworks Australia

  • Australian macadamias coated in salted caramel chocolate. It is not possible to go wrong with salted caramel! These addictive little morsels from Nutworks Australia are no different.  Enjoy!


​Roast Salt Macadamias from Nutworks Australia

  • These Australian Macadamia nuts are slightly roasted and then lightly salted.

    Macadamias are the quintessential Australian nut and the only native Australian bush food to enter into commercial food production. Similar to fruits, vegetables and other nuts, macadamias are a nutrition powerhouse – beneficial to health and wellbeing.


Peri Peri Beef Jerky from Jerky King

  • Thin cut strips of Aussie beef Marinated in our secret Herbs & Spices Hot Beef Jerky for the Chilli lover


​BBQ ​Beef Jerky from Jerky King

  • Thin cut strips of Aussie beef Marinated in our secret Herbs & Spices for anyone who doesn’t like Chilli


​​Beautifully packaged in our fully recycled gift boxes with biodegradable inner padding. Shipped in recyclable custom outer cartons secured with biodegradable packing tape.