As with all our gift boxes, every product inclusion is made on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 


This box includes:


Original BBQ Beef Jerky by Jerky King

  • Naturally smoked, gluten free, grass fed,
  • No artificial fillers, colours, flavours or preservatives


Maleny Lager by Brouhaha (4.5%)

Made with the best ingredients and a lot of patience. Using traditional lagering the beer is light golden, with gentle spice from saaz hops and a sweetness from Pilsner malt. There is nowhere to hide flaws in a lager, we take no shortcuts in this lager that showcases the craft behind good beer.


Hinterland Pale Ale by Brouhaha (4.5%)

From the maker: Our HPA is crisp and juicy, with slightly more malt profile than most pale ales. The aroma leaps from the glass from the all new NZ hop profile of Hort 4337 & Motueka, providing a juicy mouthfeel and a firm, crisp finish with a touch of resin. A perfect Pale Ale for a cold night in the hills or a warm day on the beach.


Lucid Dreams IPA by 10 Toes Brewery (6.0%)

  • From the maker: India Pale Ale... Punchylupulin juice for your face. Contains augmented realitiesand delusional beliefs. 
  • Loads of new world hops create a bold but crisp IPA bursting with bright citrus and overripe stone fruit flavours.


Japanese Lager by Heads of Noosa (4.5%)

  • Our Japanese Lager pays homage to the refined nature of the style.
  • A proprietary blend of malts gives it a delicate appearance and flavour profile. Filtered, for a clean & crisp mouthfeel, making it exceptionally palatable and truly enjoyable.
  • Voted no. 45 in 2019 GABS Hottest 100.


Summer Dusk by Heads of Noosa (4.8%)

  • The Summer Dusk is a 3-time gold medal winning Amber Lager inspired by beautiful summer evenings in our backyard of Noosa.
  • This Lager is refreshing and full-flavoured, boasting a fine amount of specialty dark malts balanced by tropical fruit hop flavours and aromas.